Requirements Engineering

We are subject matter experts in requirements analysis.  Business analysis is a core discipline that we use to build solutions that make organizations stand out, keep pace with competition, take advantage of market opportunities, upgrade technology, and solve specific limitations.

We define visual requirements and automate upfront validation using remote collaboration platforms.  Our professionals have extensive experience with industry leading requirements elicitation and management tools such as IBM DOORS.  We use Enterprise Agile approach for iterative elicitation and packaged incremental builds for complex applications.

We conduct thorough analysis to ensure the right questions receive answers to meet or exceed business needs and avoid costs of rework.  Our business analysis workshop facilitates and guides elicitation sessions with sponsors, stakeholders, subject matter experts, and the user community.  Our professionals help organizations use effectively:

  • Best practices
  • Analytical tools and techniques
  • Business analysis
  • Visual requirements
  • Visual illustrations
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