Adage Innovations has a core team of experienced professionals focused on engineering solutions for modernization and migration of legacy applications with integrity and loyalty to customers they are serving on multi-year contracts.  This brings long-term stability in client initiatives with shared values and culture that:

  • Improve employee and customer experience,
  • Help navigate through the challenges of legacy systems,
  • Enable continuous iprovement.

Adrien has multi-disciplinary experience in software engineering, with the ability to tackle large, complex, and geographically distributed enterprise systems. His ability to interact as an expert and facilitate large panels of stakeholders for elicitation of requirements, helps keep consensus among executives, senior management, business owners, implementation teams, and vendors to deploy the right solutions. Adrien keeps a continuous focus on key success factors to mitigate risks before they manifest. As an analyst, his perpetual quest for top-notch features to add to Adage Innovations portfolio advanced capabilities for better performance and reliability. Adrien has engineered software for a range of enterprise domains, encompassing real-time distributed systems, mainframe operating systems, cloud mesh applications, streaming applications, and Web contents.


Martin is hands-on professional for enterprise network security, user accounts administration, and Web applications. His professional demeanor and integrity win the trust of customers and leadership. Under the most stressful circumstances, Martin has proven ability to calmly perform live deployments under senior management's watch, with little to no preparation.  Martin's leadership skills makes him an excellent liaison with all staff levels, including business owners and executives. His ability to work off hours and deploy security patches ensures stability and continuity of operations with no impact to end users.


Santosh is a seasoned enterprise applications engineer who understands the front-end and back-end functionalities of servers and Cloud environments. His server administration role ensures applications and databases are hosted with maximum performance and security. He has served private sector clients and immigration agencies. Applications helped deploy encompass the visa and associated services implemented for Governments and consular missions.


Ike is an experienced enterprise applications architect with a track record of log-term relationships with clients. His contributions at the Small Business Administration and the Administration of Community Living are commendable. As a leading senior architect, Ike has deployed advanced technologies to migrate legacy applications to cloud computing and data lake. His ability to find workarounds for shortfalls help the user community adopt more enhancements as they develop awareness of new capabilities.